New Trail Connect subscriptions
2024 April 29 - It's new
Simplified subscription offer
Two formulas are now available:

  • Discover subscription: this is the equivalent of the current Trailer + subscription, giving access to the application's main functions (gpx download, distance to track alarm, OSM map caching).
  • Premium subscription: includes all Discover subscription functions, plus access to all available maps (IGN France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, etc.) and live tracking.
If you previously had a Trailer + subscription (without options), you are automatically switched to Discover.

If you had a Trailer + subscription with optional national maps (whether in France, Belgium, Switzerland or Spain), you switch to the Premium offer. If this offer is more expensive than your previous package, you won't pay anything extra until you renew your offer.

These subscriptions also bring you advantages on Trace de Trail, so don't hesitate to check them out. There's a lot more to come with the Trace de Trail update!
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