Advanced search module

You would like to run, walk, ride or... swim, but you don't know where to go ? Be inspired by the plentiful tracks that you can find on Trail Connect, whether it be for a training activity, to find a competition route or to plan your next holidays !

To search around a place

The app allows you to find an itinerary around your position or a specific geographical area. For that, use the search filtres and the map or list module to consult the tracks. 

Find the official routes of the competitions

Trail Connect is linked to the data base of Trace de Trail website, used by more than 10 000 races organizers in France and win the world to chart theirs routes. Use the filter "competition" and "official routes" to get access to the official routes of the organizers. 

Find your own tracks

You created a track on Trace de Trail and you wanted to see it on the app ? Don't worry, Trail Connect is linked to Trace de Trail database. You can find your itineraries by clicking on my tracks in the search filters. 

Verify the quality of the tracks

When you are on a track, you've got indicators on the page of the track which will be help you to determine the quality of the track : 

  • the quality index : you will see the average distance between two points (good when there is at least 1 point each 20 meters : medium between 25 and 50 meters ; bad beyond)
  • if the author realized the route : it will allows you to know if the route has been realized on the ground or not.