Trail Connect allows you to call the emergency services or your friends in case a problem directly from the app. You will have access to your GPS data to be geolocated easily !

Call your friends or the emergency services !

In case of a problem, Trail Connect allows you to call the 112. Your GPS location will be seen on your mobile phone in order to communicate your location to the emergency services (with an average imprecision distance due to the GPS). You will have the possibility to send an emergency SMS to one of your relatives. He will receive a message which will indicate that you're in difficulty, the date and the sending hour as well as a link to locate you.  

How is 112 number working ?

The 112 number is the number reserved to the emergency services, in France, in Europe (except Montenegro, Albania, Moldova, Belarus), as well as Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein. It's a free number which need, to work, to be located in an area with at least one mobile operator, even if it's not your operation. The operators have in fact to enable the call, even is the SIM card doesn't belong to them.